Mixonall light block

Mixonall light block (Mixonall®) is a composite material that is made from mixing cement, siliceous materials such as silica sand or air sand, porous fillers such as polystyrene beads and modifiers including accelerators, etc. under the license of the German company (Mixonall®) under the name block Mixonall is produced in the following two types

Type A mixonall light block

Type B mixonall light block

Due to the thermophysical, mechanical, etc. properties, these products are used as a strong thermal and sound insulation system in the external and internal walls of the building. Mixonall light block type A as well as mixonall light block type B have the Iranian national standard No. 7782, which is for non-load-bearing blocks, and also have the Iranian national standard No. 14504, which is for non-autoclavable light concrete blocks

بلوک سبک میکسونال
بلوک سبک میکسونال
بلوک سبک میکسونال
بلوک سبک میکسونال

Very high compressive and bending strength

Supplier of topic 19 of the National Building Regulations

Very low specific weight and reducing the static load of the building

Ease of moving and transferring materials to the upper floors of the building

Easy and fast implementation


Reducing energy waste

Increasing the useful space of the building

Throwing materials down during execution

Excellent nailability and screwability

Advantages of Mixonall light block

Earthquake Resistant


Very low water absorption

Insulation against sound transmission

Insulation of heat, cold and humidity

Excellent sawability and grooveability

بلوک سبک

Light Weight

بلوک سبک

Heat, Cold and Moisture Insulation

بلوک سبک


بلوک سبک


Specifications of Type A and B Block Pallets

The table below shows the number, area and volume of mixonall blocks of type A and B according to the dimensions of each block. You can also see the dimensions of the pallets in the table below.

عایق رطوبتی پایه سیمانی

Implementation of hospital buildings, libraries and warehouses

Implementation of industrial buildings

Implementation of center and data center rooms

Upholstering the roofs of buildings

Applications of Mixonall Light Block

Implementation of external and internal walls of the building

Implementation of the outer walls of the building in geographical areas with high rainfall

Building exterior walls in tropical and subtropical regions

Implementation of the walls of greenhouses and cold stores

بلوک سبک

Weight Specifications of Light Block Type A and B

The weight specifications of Mixonall block are listed in the table below. By referring to the table below, you can see the weight specifications of Mixonall type A and B light blocks.

Technical Specifications of Mixonall Blocks

The technical specifications of Mixonall block are listed in the following tables. By referring to the following tables, you can see the technical specifications of mixonall block type A and B separately.

مشخصات فنی بلوک تیپ A

مشخصات فنی بلوک سبک تیپ A

مشخصات فنی بلوک تیپ B

مشخصات فنی بلوک سبک تیپ A